~ Progressive. Transformational. Conscious. Informational. Green. Inspirational. ~

Momentum Media is a boutique production company with a mandate to create commercially-viable, yet smart and moving television, film, and digital media projects inspired by global issues that matter. Headed by Jessica Jennings, a dynamic media professional with 10 years industry experience, she is creative by nature, entrepreneurial-spirited and committed to seeding new ideas and business opportunities. Jessica is a producer with passion on a mission to inspire, transform minds and change the world around her – one story and project at a time. 

Momentum Media also offers development and production services for your next production. Whether you need a freelance producer, business affairs support, help to grow your idea, package and sell your project, apply for funding, breakdown your script, develop product placement opportunities or have your clearance needs handled, Jessica has the ability to deliver.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth with the influence to shape the minds of today and that of future generations. Knowing this, Momentum Media’s philosophy is to create progressive and internationally-appealing edutainment that warms the soul, opens the mind and moves people to create lasting, positive change in our world.