Development Services

One of Jessica’s strongest skills is the ability to recognize a great idea, develop it and package it into a pitch-ready state. Have an idea? Pitch it to her and she’ll help you take it to market by working with her trusted designers to create a proposal package and one-sheet that presents your project most effectively to potential buyers. By keeping current with industry trends and what broadcasters/distributors are looking for, she will help find opportunities for your project through her network base, as well as find branding/sponsorship opportunities.

Sizzle Reel Production:

With competition being so fierce in getting a project off the ground and noticed by broadcasters/distributors/funders, a sizzle reel or trailer is a great way to demonstrate your concept most effectively. Many broadcasters require seeing video on any new talent attached to a project to showcase whether they’ve got what it takes. Jessica will help develop and produce a short sizzle for your project by organizing the crew needed (cinematographer/editor), booking the gear and locations, planning a shooting schedule, licensing any music/stock footage and bringing it all together.  

Preliminary Script Breakdown & Production Schedule:

Breaking a script down is one of the first steps to determine the elements needed to make your scripted film or TV project. Jessica has experience breaking down scripts from working at Whizbang Films, where she did breakdowns for a variety of feature films, TV episodes, and even for a couple of CBS Paramount scripts. Using EP Scheduling or Movie Magic Scheduling software, Jessica can import your script and do a breakdown, scene-by-scene of how many locations, cast, props, background, etc you have, while describing the action is each scene. Once you have a breakdown and stripboard, the next steps are to organize each scene into a sensible and cost-effective schedule that will determine how many days it will take to shoot your project, and in what order. (Note: this will then be taken over by the AD team in production) Once you have this information, a more accurate budget can be built since you’ll know the full scope of the project.

Preliminary Budget Development:

Jessica has prepared and managed budgets and can help you get yours on track. Using her existing templates and knowledge of industry costs and rates, Jessica can prepare and estimate your project’s costs and deliver a draft budget. Once you know how much your project will cost before pitching, you will have a better idea of the level of broadcast licensing, tax credits and additional financing you will need to finance your project. 

Funding Applications:

Need help preparing your funding or grant applications? Jessica can help you prepare your materials, write your applications and assist in getting your project financed.