Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.
~Samuel Johnson~

Whizbang Films Inc
Production company I currently work for as the Assistant to the President & Executive Producer

WIFT-T: CBC Business of Broadcasting Mentorship Award
A prestigious award that I won in January 2009
details here >>

Flashpoint Television Series
CTV/CBS Television Series: "Flashpoint" that I worked on as the Assistant to the Executive Producers during the 1st season
details here >>

Vortex Videogame Competition
I was the Program Coordinator for this videogame competition and mentoring program for emerging videogame designers

IMDb - Internet Movie Database
see my credits here >>

Feature film: "Lucky 7"
Feature that I recently Production Managed - soon to be released.

Short film: "Les jeux d'enfants"
I worked on as a Line Producer. This film opened up for Bruce MacDonald's latest feature "Pontypool" at the Whistler Film Festival 2008
details here >>

Short film: "Ninth Street Chronicles"
I worked on as a Locations Manager

Short film: "Hungarian Salami"
I worked on as a Locations Manager

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