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You don't take a photograph, you make it.
~Ansel Adams~

Momentum Media specializes in Animal & Pet Photography and Nature & Still Photography. This is one further outlet that allows Jessica the ability of self-expression and creativity through capturing life…and all it’s many fascinations.

Animal & Pet Photography:

With her love of animals and nature, Jessica has tapped into a very niche aspect of photography and offers the service of Pet Photography to any pet owner that wants to capture their animal in a way they will always remember. Pets are to some: a best friend, a family member or an unconditional love that gives and receives. To others, pets can provide an energy that is therapeutic and calming. They are reflections into moments of time in our lives. However you value your pet, Jessica hopes to capture them in their natural environment, either with or without you, to symbolize the importance your pet is to you.

For more information about rates and this service, please contact Jessica. To see her Animal Photography portfolio, please follow this link to her portfolio here >>

Nature & Still Photography:

It is important to see the awe-inspiring beauty of life; the moments that are worth living and make us feel alive. The stillness, the wild, and nature as nature intended. Nature grounds us and brings us down to the core foundation of the human spirit…if you are willing.

To see Jessica’s collection of nature & still life, please see her portfolio here >>